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Where's the office?
We are located at 5475 Heidi street La Mesa CA 91942. If you need to drop off pictures, registration forms or ref fees please contact us.

Where do we sign -up?
You can either sign up online, the office or at the field.

Hours of operation
Our hours of operation are 10:30 am - 4.:30pm Mon - Fri.

How many weeks before all my players need id cards?
There is a grace period of three weeks before the cards are mandatory. After two weeks without a card you can not play.

Are there refunds?
There are no refunds a week prior to the season.

When are the coaches meetings?
The coaches meetings are the last Tuesday of every month.

Where are meetings?
The coached meetings are held at Kearny Mesa Recreation Center 3170 Armstrong street SD 92111.

Are the coaches meetings mandatory?
The meetings are mandatory and your team will be fined $10 if no one is there to represent your team. All fines go to an injury fund.

When are ref fees due?
Ref fees can either be paid in advance for a discounted price or per game. For 6v6 ref fees are $300 paid in advance. If ref fees are paid per game it is $25 per game (for 15 games). If requested to play on artificial turf field there will be an extra $5 per game charge. For 11v11 ref fees are $1050 paid in advance. If ref fees are paid per game it is $80 per game (for 15 games) for 3 officials.

  RESULTS from Sunday 11v11 Adults ....playoffs continue Dec 8
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  Schedule by Team
  League Leaders
  Team Name Division (M)
  (Tue) Sometimes II 11v11 (Tue) Men Open
  (Tue) Chula Vista Tire& Place 11v11 (Tue) Men 2nd
  (Sun) Guadalajara 11v11 (Sun) 1st Div
  (Sun) Leon 11v11 (Sun) 2nd Div A
  (Sun) Deportivo Guanajuato 11v11 (Sun) 2nd Div B
  (Wed) Liverpool 6v6 (Wed) Men Open
  (Wed) Testerazo 6v6 (Wed) 2nd Div
  (Thu) Arsenal Toto 6v6 (Thu) Men Open
  (Fri) Liverpool 6v6 (Fri) Men Open
  Team Name Division (W)
  (Thu) Latinas (Thu) Women Open
  (Thu) Latinas (Thu) Women Open 1 St Div
  (Thu) Zero (Thu) Women Open 2nd div
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Office Address: 5475 Heidi Street La Mesa CA 91942
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