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League Team Players
  Thursday Women Open 6v6 - (thu) guerreras
    Name Birthday Barcode ID Made Date
  Adriana Hidalgo Jan 23, 1994 1896 04/04/2019
  Alondra Nava Cruz Jan 4, 2001 2085 04/11/2019
  Brenda Lona May 15, 2002 1914 04/11/2019
  Cassandra Lona May 15, 2002 1917 04/11/2019
  Cristina Jimenes Jan 28, 2001 2284 04/18/2019
  Dayanne Flores Sep 4, 1988 2282 04/18/2019
  Kimberly Rios Aug 16, 1995 2048 04/04/2019
  Miriam Flores Mar 6, 1985 1657 04/11/2019
  Valeria Ramos May 12, 1994 1873 04/04/2019
  Coaches Meeting, Monday June 3rd ...6:30pm
  REMINDER all Players must play with ID cards or registered online and paid ID
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  Schedule by Team
  League Leaders
  Team Name Division (M)
  (Tue) SD Gunners 11v11 (Tue) Men Open
  (Tue) Pumas 11v11 (Tue) Men 2nd
  (Sun) Classy Gueros 11v11 (Sun) 1st Div
  (Sun) Leon 11v11 (Sun) 2nd Div A
  (Sun) SD Milan 11v11 (Sun) 2nd Div B
  (Wed) SD Recios 6v6 (Wed) Men Open
  (Wed) Deportivo Scorpion 6v6 (Wed) 1st Div
  (Wed) FC Kracks 6v6 (Wed) 2nd Div
  (Thu) Club de Cuervos 6v6 (Thu) Men Open
  (Fri) Deportivo Arcelia 6v6 (Fri) Men Open
  Team Name Division (W)
  (Thu) Pumas (Thu) Women Open
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