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2018 League Fees, Entry Players IDs

LEAGUE  FEE's  & Rules

TEAM ENTRY (per season) = $180

(if not closed out the first two months of starting season, entry fee increases $40 each additional month, as also ID cards increase if not paid)

ENTRADA de EQUIPO (por temporada) = $180 

(si equipos no pagan entrada para el segundo mes del inicio de temporada, aumentara la entrada $40 por cada siguiente mes que pasa al igual que sube el costo de las credenciales) 

Adult Cost of ID cards

 $30 per ID card  (valid for entire year)

If not paid; increases to $35 in April / $40 in May if not paid.


$40 per ID card (valid for entire year)

If not paid; increases to $45 in April ... if not paid.





-  Teams that start in League must pay a minimum of $60 entry fee; or more,  to be scheduled and considered for League games.

Solo equipos que paguen minimo de $60 de entrada seran programados y considerados para juegos de Liga.

-  Teams that pay entire season referee fee's will receive a discount on referee fee's.

Equipos que quieren pagar los arbitrajes de la temporada adelantadas reciviran descuentos.

-  An Entry fee discount is given to clubs with 3 or more teams with the same Team name in each division.

Descuento para equipos multiples se dara (solo tres o mas) a los Clubs que lleven el mismo nombre de Equipo en casa division.

-  Only teams in good standing, with all fees paid in full: Entry, ID cards will be allowed to protest a game.

Solo equipos que esten en buen estado (que no deban arbitraje,credenciales) podran protestar juegos en duda.  


-  Teams that play the last game of the day must assist in bringing their soccer goal down for storage.

Equipos que jueguen el ultimo partido del dia ocupan asistir en bajar su porteria y llevar al contenedor para evitar un cargo. 

- Teams must notify office 7 days prior to cancelling a game to avoid a forfeit.

Equipos ocupan notificar oficina 7 dias antes de cancelar su juego para evitar defaul.





We THANK ALL for you're cooperation in making you're League ... a better League.

La Liga y sus representantes les agradece la coperacion de todo los Entrenadores, Jugadores, Padres de Familia y Espectadores en el desarrollo de la mejor Liga que se pueda.



Recommendations Suggestions always welcome.

Sugerencias siempre bienvenidas.




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  Happy Memorial Weekend .......(Scrimmage games only SUNDAY May 27)
  Games played even if it Rains.... (doubts call (619) 247-4910)
  2018 League Fees, Entry Players IDs
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  Schedule by Team
  League Leaders
  Team Name Division (M)
  (Sun) Atletico SD 11v11 (Sun) 1st Div
  (Sun) Cuervos CF 11v11 (Sun) 2nd Div A
  Sun) Pumas FC 11v11 (Sun) 2nd Div B
  (Tue) Deportivo JR 11v11 (Tue) 1st Div
  (Tue) Los de Tijuas 11v11 (Tue) 2nd Div
  (Wed) Deportivo Santana 6v6 (Wed) 1st Div
  (Wed) Los de Tijuas 6v6 (Wed) 2nd Div (A)
  (Wed) River Plate 6v6 (Wed) 2nd Div (B)
  (Wed) Zapata 6v6 (Wed) Men Open
  (Thu) Deportivo Cali 6v6 (Thu) 1st Div
  (Thu) Arsenal Toto 6v6 (Thu) 2nd Div
  (Fri) Morelia 6v6 (Fri) Men Open
  Team Name Division (W)
  (Thu) Toritas (Thu) Women Open
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