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  CHAMPIONS Dep. Victoria Friday 8v8 U9
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  2014 Saturday Soccer Season
  COACHES MEETINGS at City Heights Rec. Center
  Memorial Day Soccer Tournament, May 24 & 25 - Early Registration $150 Men 1st & 2nd Div (Adults)
  Sign-ups for new season - Youth & Adult
  League updates ...Text CSL to 24587
  Youth Soccer League 2013 (Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat or Sunday)
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  Schedule by Team
  League Leaders
  Team Name Division (M)
  Atl. Balboa 11v11 1st Division Sunday
  Dorados 11v11 2nd Division Sunday
  Club V.G. 11v11 Men Open Tuesday
  City Heights 6v6 Men Open Monday
  Rasta 6v6 COPA SD Men 2nd Div (Group A)
  Dep. Chula Vista 6v6 COPA SD Men 2nd Div (Group B)
  Real Aztecas 6v6 COPA SD Men 2nd Div (Group C)
  Kanallas 6v6 COPA SD Men 1st Div (Group A)
  Dep. Ximena 6v6 COPA SD Men 1st Div (Group B)
  Azul Kremas 6v6 COPA SD Men 2nd Div (Group D)
  Netherlands 6v6 COPA SD Men 1st Div (Group C)
  Los Guapos 6v6 1st Div Wednesday
  C A 6v6 2nd Div (A) Wednesday
  Deportivo Borussia (B) 6v6 2nd Div (B) Wednesday
  River Plate (C) 6v6 2nd Div (C) Wednesday
  Spartak 6v6 Men Open Thursday
  Barcelona 6v6 Men Open Friday
  Team Name Division (W)
  Manchester COPA SD Women (Group A)
  Ginga COPA SD Women (Group B)
  Toritas 1st Div Thursday
  North Park 2nd Div Thursday
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