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Memorial Day Team Players
  (U11) 2006 - (u11) los guerreros
  Adrian Flores Mar 12, 2006
  Alvaro Rivera Dec 22, 2006
  Angel Vasquez Oct 5, 2006
  Antonio Sanchez May 30, 2006
  Austin Lopez Apr 12, 2007
  Dante Rosas Jul 28, 2006
  Denzel Mendoza Mar 31, 2006
  Diego Albarran Nov 3, 2006
  Edwin Morales Aug 13, 2006
  George Estrada Nov 21, 2006
  Giovanni Abundis Jan 9, 2006
  Raymon Aguilar Nov 14, 2006
  Sabas Vasquez Mar 11, 1989
  Victor Gonzales Sep 23, 2006
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  First Season - League Champion Results (Jan to July)
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  Schedule by Team
  League Leaders
  Team Name Division (M)
  (Tue) Sometimes II 11v11 (Tue) Men Open
  (Tue) Culiacan 11v11 (Tue) Men 2nd
  (Sun) Atletico SD 11v11 (Sun) 1st Div
  (Sun) El Mercadito 11v11 (Sun) 2nd Div A
  (Sun) Deportivo Guanajuato 11v11 (Sun) 2nd Div B
  (Wed) Atletico San Diego 6v6 (Wed) Men Open
  (Wed) Boyz FC 6v6 (Wed) 2nd Div
  (Thu) Arsenal Toto 6v6 (Thu) Men Open
  (Fri) Liverpool 6v6 (Fri) Men Open
  Team Name Division (W)
  (Thu) Atletico Leonas (Thu) Women Open
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