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Youth Soccer
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Two soccer seasons 1st season (January - June) 2nd season (July - December)   
Dos temporadas 1era temporada (Enero - Junio)  2nda temporada (Julio - Diciembre)               

Cost per child $40 plus referee fee's (cost covers ID card and insurance)   
El costo por nino (incluye la credencial y aseguranza)               
U6  U7  U8  U9 Referee fee per Game $25    Arbitraje por juego   $ 25         U10 U11 U12 U13 U14 Referee fee per Game $35    Arbitraje por juego  $ 35
For more information call:   office # (619) 741-0715 or (619) 741-0716       
Enrique Molina (office Manager)    
Ricky Franchi League President & Director cell # (619) 247-4910       
office hours: Tuesday - Friday  (10:00am - 5:00pm)     


 Youth Rules & Regulations          
1 - BALL (+ goal)                       
The team that does not present a ball in good playing condition at game time; will give up a goal (+ goal) to the opposing team.
    The opposing coach must notify the referee of this protest to add a goal to their score and the referee will notify either the              captain or coach at the start of game. 
     Five minutes will be allowed to inflate the ball to proper playing condition.
     Teams cannot borrow a soccer ball from another team to make the presentation.
     This ball will have to be at the game during the course of the match.
     Referees can apply common sense if the ball is kicked out of play and not recovered.
     In this circumstance no goal is awarded to the opposing team.
       All slide tackles are yellow cards.
       A slip is not a yellow card.
       Knee touching the ground is not a yellow card.
       Sliding to save the ball from going outside the field of play; will be yellow carded.
       Sliding to score a goal will receive a yellow card and the goal will not be valid.
       Sliding within the area will receive a yellow card  "IT IS NOT A PENALTY KICK" it will be marked 9 steps from the slide.               Free indirect kick.
       Slides will be resuming with an indirect kick.
3 - NUMBERS ON JERSEYS                                   
Before starting the first period Captains & Coaches from both teams must meet in the middle of the field.             
A player without a numbered jersey will be given the opportunity to put a jersey with a number on.              
If that player does not have a number;he/she will be yellow carded.
      Then the player will be able to continue in the game but cautioned with a yellow card.
      The goalkeeper also needs a number.
      Repeated numbers of the same team are not allowed to play in the field.
        Team forms (cedulas) are filled out prior to the game which stipulates the following:                                           
Referee assigned
        Players names and jersey number
        Field - Game time 
        Cautioned Players
        Final Score                                    
Under coaches comments:                  
Coaches are encouraged to write their comments, incidents observed, give their evaluation of the opposing                                      team, referee or any feedback to improve the league.
         Teams playing with unregistered players risk of losing the game and the following one.                     

All players need their ID card to be eligible to play.   

      “Chilena” Bicycle kick, is a valid goal as long as it is does not endanger any player - not a dangerous play.

      If a player insults a referee, coach or player please inform the field manager or referee to take immediate action.
      That player or coach will be disciplined according to the rules, three game suspention.
      Exception to the rule -         Referee's judgement call.              
      Example: If a player misses a goal in front of goal and says "!^@*" loud and clear, referee may red card, caution or warn               that player; depending on vocabulary used and referee's judgement.
      California Soccer League does maintain a zero tolerance profanity rule - and will ask the coach to restrain or remove their              parent, assistant coach or spectator to avoid unethical behavior.  If unethical behavior continues, the game will be                        suspended immediately.                                                 

COACH YOUR KIDS.....not the OFFICIALS !        

      Players will not be able to play with:
      Cap - Pants - Dress Shirt - Cast - Eyeglasses       (as long as they are made of plastic)
      The player assigned as Captain should have an CAPTAINS ARM BAND. 

8 - TIME
      All games must start on time.  Game time is forfeit time with exception of the first  game.               
The waiting time is 10 minutes.

      Both Saturday and Sunday games begin at 8:00 am
      Time is continuous - there are no time outs!
      Each game has two halves of 25 minutes for each half (Youth).
     When the referee is at the center of the field:                                                                                     
The first whistle:   to inform that he is showing up in the middle of the field or entering the midfield to get started the game in the next minute!    
 The second  whistle: clock and time begin to run, mentioning to the players time is running if not present in the field yet.  

9- GAME SUSPENTIONS            
Games that are interrupted by (Rain, blackout lights or the lights did not turn on, physical confrontation or other                              incidents).          

The league will inform the coaches about board decisions regarding incident and determine sanctions  etc - for  further                   information call league director.                                          

      The ref fee is collected at the start of the game; referee may not ref game if not collected. 
       Protests may only be done by the coach and no one else. (not by a parent)                          

Coach must have the rules in hand and have a forfeit bond in place to attend the protest.      

12 - SUBSTITUTION OF PLAYERS                   
Substitutions must be made in the middle of the field with referee's approval.                    
COACHES AND TEAMS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE BEHAVIOR OF THEIR PLAYERS, FANS and                                                SPECTATORS OUTSIDE THE FIELD; the game may be suspended if there is any type of misconduct.

      If any player was sent off with a red card by getting 2 yellow cards can be allowed to play the next game, however if the player       was sent off by straight red card that player may not play the following game.  The league will determine the sanctions for               such actions.

13 - AGE

       The player will be allowed to play according to his / her age.  Chart above.                                    

14- EXCEPTIONS FOR U-6                                                                                                      

One Coach will be allowed to be within the field if they so desire to help position the players as they play the game.   They may  also request a time out (one minute) to drink water.  One time out per team during the game.
 The referee fees is $25 per game.                


   No Alcohol or Smoking is allowed during any games.
   A $ 100 fine may be imposed for the team involved.
   Second Offense, team may be removed from team the league.

Only with your the help, the referees, players and coaches can we all keep the parks and schools we use clean.  Please set the example and have your kids pick up during and after the game.  Especially in the parking lots - we play our games infront of many neighboors.  nobody wants a dirty neighboorhood. 
It is very important to maintain the cleansiness to continue use of the fields.    We thank you for your cooperation!                                    
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  (Tue) SD Gunners 11v11 (Tue) Men 1st div
  (Tue) Huracan 11v11 (Tue) Men 2nd div
  (Wed) Liverpool 6v6 (Wed) Men Open
  (Wed) RSD 6v6 (Wed) Men 2nd Div
  (Thu) Cochilokos 6v6 (Thu) Men Open
  (Fri) Los Alebrijes De Oaxaca 6v6 (Fri) Men Open
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