Great news! We have been given approval to start soccer games at local San Diego soccer fields. We are working hard behind the scenes getting everything prepared to get you back on the field. We will start registration on March 7th through our website in preparation of league starting up 1st week of April. Call the league office to setup scrimmages in the month of march to prepare for the season.

Office: 619-741-1213

Cell: 619-247-4910

Our new process for registration will be:

  1. Call in to get your team name on the list for new season (Men, Women and Youth).
  2. March 7th register as a player and get added to your team ($40 includes ID card and is valid for entire year).
  3. Coach or team manager pays for team fees through website.
Team Entry:
      Adult League $200
      Youth League $150
Player Registration (minimum):
      6v6 – six players
      8v8 – eight players
      11v11 – eleven players

We are excited to welcome you back. See you on the field.