Date Time Division Season
06/13/2021 11:20 AM Sunday Men 1st Div 11v11 2021

Field Map

Grossmont High School
1100, Murray Drive, Cajon Heights, El Cajon, San Diego County, California, 92020, United States of America

(Sun) Saigon United SC

# Player Rank Player ID Issued Yellow Cards Red Cards
02543Coach Beckham Huynh-No00
02547Kyle Stahl-Yes00
02550Gabe Jensen-Yes00
02602Thomas Ibbetson-Yes00
02605Axel Yarauhaman Chamorro-Yes00
02634Hung Pham-Yes00
02668Kory Edwards-Yes00
02734Sean Theriault-Yes00
03024Bradley Jahanpanah-Yes00
03394Mengisteab Araya-No00
03514Bersain Gutierrez-Yes00
03673Viet Du-Yes00
03694Nikiza Shemu-Yes00
03748Jason Hsiao-Yes00
03751Duc Nguyen-Yes00
03757Tinh Ho-Yes00
03793Derek Cook-Yes00
03800Abdul Kerim Acil-No00
03806Abdishakur Hussein-Yes00
03813Mehran Khawaja-Yes00
04171Junior Elenes-No00
04567Yihao Jin-Yes00

(Sun) Le & The Ladies

# Player Rank Player ID Issued Yellow Cards Red Cards
02823Jacob Tudor-Yes00
02830Tuan Nguyen-Yes00
03087Viet Tran-Yes00
03090Guillermo Burger-Yes00
03542Nicholas Caruso-No00
03614Loc Chau-No00
03680TAI LE-Yes00
03684Max Donahoe-Yes00
03709Julien Gaston-Yes00
03745Daniel Bukari-Yes00
04632Minh Vo-Yes00
Player ID Issued
Yellow Cards
Red Cards